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Acri Emanuele <>

NEWS: Complemento officially included in BackTrack Linux 5

Backtrack 5

Complemento is a collection of tools I originally grokked up for my personal toolchain, to solve some network problems or just for fun.
I have released it to the public a couple of years ago, but the tools continue to be developed and refined.

  • LetDown is a tcp flooder I have programmed after reading Fyodor article "TCP Resource Exhaustion and Botched Disclosure" (you can read it at
    It uses an experimental userland TCP/IP stack, and supports multistage payloads for complex protocols, fragmentation of packets and variable tcp window. It's not a simple syn flooder, but a powerful tool able to interrupt the communication at any stage of the TCP protocol.

    Note: LetDown is based on Fyodor NDos, it's not abou
    t vulnerabilities disclosed by Outpost24 team.
    Update: The link to the article is no longer available but you can read instead...

  • ReverseRaider is a domain scanner that uses various techniques, such as wordlist scanning to find target's subdomains or reverse resolution for a range of ip (thanks to Jeremy Brown and his tool DomainScanner for the idea. His blog is:
    It's fully multi-threaded and supports permutation on wordlist, IPv6 and various DNS options (e.g. no-recursion).

  • Httsquash is an http server scanner, banner grabber and data retriever (there's a GUI interface for it). It can be used to scan large IP ranges to find networked devices or http servers. 
    It supports IPv6, various HTTP request methods and an experimental fingerprinting system, based on httprecon signatures (
A "quick and dirty" Howto about the current version of Complemento is avaible here.

Compilation and dependencies

From version 0.7 Complemento requires some new libraries. According to your situation may be more convenient to download the source tarball and compile the library yourself, instead of using a precompiled package.

Required libraries:

libpcap (
python-dev (

c-ares (

posix threads (pthread).
libcurl (

LetDown Video

The effects of a LetDown DoS attack.
The video may take some seconds to download. I also noticed that sometimes reloading the page can help...

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LetDown 3wh+payload flooder v0.7.7 - Acri Emanuele (
  letdown -d dst_ip -p dst_port -D dst_mac  [options]
  -d	destination ip address, target
  -D	destination mac address or router mac address
  -p	destination port
  -s	source ip address
  -S	source mac address
  -x	first source port (default 1025)
  -y	last source port (default 65534)
  -l	enables infinite loop mode
  -i	network interface
  -t	sleep time in microseconds (default 10000)
  -a	max time in second for waiting responses (default 40)
Extra options:
  -v	verbosity level (0=quiet, 1=normal, 2=verbose)
  -f	automagically set firewall rules for blocking
    	rst packet generated by the kernel
    	examples: -f iptables, -f blackhole (for freebsd)
  -L	special interaction levels with the target
    	s  syn flooding, no 3-way-handshake
    	a  send acknowledgment packets (polite mode)
    	f  send finalize packets (include polite mode)
    	r  send reset packets (check firewall rules...)
  -W	window size for ack packets (ex: 0-window attack)
  -O	enable ack fragmentation and set fragment offset delta
  -C	fragment counter if fragmentation is enabled (default 1)
  -P	payload file (see payloads directory...)
  -M	multistage payload file (see payloads directory...)



ReverseRaider domain scanner v0.7.7 - Acri Emanuele (
  reverseraider -d domain | -r range [options]
  -r	range of ipv4 or ipv6 addresses, for reverse scanning
    	examples: or 2001:0DB8::1428:57ab-6344
  -f	file containing lists of ip addresses, for reverse scanning
  -d	domain, for wordlist scanning (example
  -w	wordlist file (see wordlists directory...)
Extra options:
  -t	requests timeout in seconds
  -P	enable numeric permutation on wordlist (default off)
  -D	nameserver to use (default: resolv.conf)
  -T	use TCP queries instead of UDP queries
  -R	don't set the recursion bit on queries



HTTSquash scanner v0.7.7 - Acri Emanuele (
  httsquash -r range [options]
  -r	range of ip addresses or target dns name
    	examples:, 2001::1428:57ab-6344,
  -p	port (default 80)
Extra options:
  -t	time in seconds (default 3)
  -m	max scan processes (default 10)
  -b	print body of response (html data)
  -S	use HTTPS instead of HTTP
  -T	custom request type (default GET)
  -U	custom request URL (default /)
  -H	set an header for the request (can be used multiple times)
    	examples: Keep-Alive:300, User-Agent:httsquash
Script options:
  -j	cookie jar separator ("%%")

Httsquash GUI


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